no rest for the wicked

the great social media blackout experiment.

I’m disappearing as of midnight tomorrow CST. Not like, witness protection disappearing. More like, withdrawing from social media. A social media blackout, if you will. I have been attempting to get a project off of the ground for the past couple of years; lately, I’ve realized that my efforts into maintaining my Facebook page as my own personal website are actually¬†interfering¬†with the development of my own personal website. The limited time and energy and thoughts that I have are wasted on Facebook. I’d like to go back to using it as purely a communication-only tool and instead redirecting my efforts into a true blog. It’s something that’s really important to me and if I don’t force myself to take the time to make it happen, it will become a life regret.

For now, no more Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. No Flickr. No YouTube. No Pinterest. No Google+ (not that I use it). I will be deleting the apps from my phone.

Definitely no MySpace.

Not that I need it, because I already found my husband there.

I am maintaining LinkedIn for professional purposes and this blog will remain active.

Both Nate and Jason will have their Facebook pages active so family members can still follow soccer updates and family news while I am away.

But when I return…

When I return…

It’ll be worth the separation. At least for me, anyway.

I don’t yet have an idea as to when I will re-enter the world of social media. I’m sort of just processing the fact that I’ve actually managed to talk myself into doing this. It needs to happen quickly before I talk myself out of it.

I’ll update this blog with small tidbits of any progress that I make over the next several weeks. Until I know for sure, I won’t speculate as to how long it will take to complete my website.

If I don’t come calling by fall, send out the search party.

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